Come and make pasta with me!


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Every month there’s a new pasta shape to learn, a new sauce, and new techniques. Join me in my kitchen, for an intimate and relaxed evening making pasta, Just as you were in an Italian family!


Egg Tagliatelle



*The pasta shown here is for illustrative purpose only. The shapes taught changes every month. Please contact Silvana for more information.

Private Classes

If you want a more personalised approach, then sign up for a 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 session. It will be all about your needs, and completely tailored on what you want to focus on.


Two Hours



neapolitan street food 1

Full day

**The pasta shown here is for illustrative purpose only. The pasta shapes taught during private classes are decided by you and Silvana during the welcome call..

Online Courses

Choose from a range of online classes: learn how to make ravioli -both regular and gluten free- or master the art of making deliciously fluffy gnocchi that melt in the month. Or -if you want to learn some thing completely different, join our all NEW class: Neapolitan street food!.

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