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“A really warm and wonderful experience. Silvana was extremely friendly, hospitable and patient as well as having a remarkable knowledge of pasta and much else beyond. We had a great time and plan to go again (and again) as we have a lot more to learn from her.”


“It was awesome! I was so full after but was some of the best pasta I have had. The pasta buying guide is a life changer.”


“Lots of fun! Sylvana was very knowledgeable, patient and passionate and taught us step by step how to make caramelle with spinach and ricotta, which was delicious! She was very welcoming and friendly, felt so at ease during this great experience!”


“This was an incredible experience . Silvana was so knowledgeable and made us feel at home. we left with a lot of tips that we still use a year on highly recommend”


“Silvana is an expert. She is so kind, knowledgeable, and welcoming. I really feel I could make pasta at home or even teach someone else after just one class! I learned so much and feel like a new pasta cooking journey has just begun. :)”


“A very good course for pasta making. Silvana was very knowledgeable and gave us lots of tips on how to make pasta by hand and also how to pick the best pasta in the shops. It made a very good gift.”


“What a fun evening we had! Enjoyed learning some really interesting information about pasta and what to look for when shopping. Food we cooked was delicious and there was plenty of it. A great host who welcomed us into her home for the evening. Would highly recommend 👍🏻”


“Silvana was a great host and super knowledgeable. Great to hear about the best pastas to buy in the supermarket, what to look for and how to prepare fresh pasta. Loved it!”


“Fantastic experience! It was a very relaxed environment and Silvana gave a really in depth class, explaining lots about pasta making and how to buy good quality pasta. We learnt a lot and the pasta at the end of the class was delicious. Would highly recommend it to anyone who likes pasta!”


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