F. A. Q.

Which pasta shapes do you teach?

I change pasta shapes every months: Usually, From the months of october to Mrach, I teach pasta traditionally made with eggs, including filled pasta. In the spirng and summer months, I teach pasta made with egg-free dough. This includes orecchiette, cavatelli, sagna ‘ncannulata, and other pasta shapes typical from the South of Italy.
You can find a calendar with the list of pasta taught HERE.

How long do your classes last?

Depending on the type of pasta made, a class lasts on average 3 hours. This includes the dinner at the end of the session. Howver, often the dinner time goes on longer, as my guests enjoy a relaxing chat and a glass of wine together

How many students are there for each class?

A maximum of 6 students are allowed in each class. This because I want to give my full attention to each individual. At the end of the class, I want you to be confident and ready to make pasta at home on your own. A small, intimate group, allows also for a more relaxed atmosphere and for new friendships to bloom.

Do you offer refunds?

I have a strict policy concerning the refunds. Due to the small numbers of places available for each class, I need to ‘keep things organised well, in order to accomodate many guests! I offer a full refund up to 30 days before the class. For anything after that, I am very flexible with rebookings. If you need to rebook, please contact me HERE

How much do your classes cost?

In person classes cost £65 per person for a 3 hours workshops, and the dinner at the end. You also get a tasty Italian snack, and a delicious espresso coffee!

Online classes cost £35 per person.
Private classes start from £250
Contact me for more informations

Can I have a discount?

I offer discounts and promotions regularly throughout the year!
If you want to know when these come, sign up for my newsletter

I came to your class and I would like to purchase the equipment you use.

You can easily get the same tools I use from Amazon! Check the pages where I list all tools I use, and the links to Amazon where you can get them (these are affiliate links: it won’t cost you anything extra, but I get to earn a little bit every time you purchase through them. I always and only recommend tools and ingredients that I use myself, or that I have used in the past and I really like).

For the tools, click HERE
For the ingredients, click HERE

I bought an online class. How many people can participate?

Only 1 person per ticket. I understand that you might feel that, since you use the same zoom account, you should pay only for 1. However, my classes are very interactive, and I give lots of personalised attention. It’s not a mere cooking demonstration!

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at hello@pastaartist.com or call us on +44 7913 828 817

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